Elegant Dashboard UI Kit

Design by: Elegant Goodies

Elegant Dashboard UI Kit is a modern and minimalist dashboard design based on 100% practice. This UI Kit is mainly designed for CMS, Blog Publishing tools and CRMs.


Key Features:

Extensive design system

Elegant Dashboard UI Kit is systematized to the core, from the grid, spacing, typography, colouring all the way to components and layouts.

Modular Components

Elegant Dashboard UI Kit based modular components that are highly unique and yet, deeply integrated within the system.

Light & dark ready

Elegant Dashboard UI Kit uses a simple yet powerful colouring system, that is available in both, light and dark modes for easy theming.


Based on practice

You can find many Dashboard designs but the main advantage in using UI Kits should be that it saves time and you will need a practice-based product in doing so. Our Elegant Dashboard UI Kit is 100% practical and you will save your time with it to the maximum.


Presentation: Behance

Demo preview: View on Figma Community

Get it: https://gumroad.com/l/gMGXA

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